: tricks
  • every directory usually has the files 'clear.gif' and 'blank.gif' added; these are completely transparent or blank images for your use. simply type clear.gif or blank.gif into an image field to use.
    example: http://www.sketchzilla.com/1/clear.gif

  • most of the pages also have version without the editing pills, at 'sketch.cgi' instead of 'sketchzilla.cgi' in each directory.
    example: http://www.sketchzilla.com/8/sketch.cgi
    one use of this feature is that you can edit with sketchzilla, then save it as a page to upload somewhere else that can't be edited.
  • here's a great one used on the site by a random user, which allows you to customize fields on the site from remote locations... allows for larger field sizes as well:
      <form action="http://www.sketchzilla.com/sketchzilla/story1title.cgi" method="post"> <input type=hidden name="text" value="___your message here___"> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sketchzilla"> </form>
    copy and paste this into any large field at sketchzilla and edit away.
  • in the 'form action' field, put in the address of any sketchzilla field script you wish to edit (click a pill somewhere and 'view source' to get .cgi address)
  • form 'name=' has to match the corresponding name for the .cgi address field you found in the previous step
  • form 'value=' can be anything you want. in this case, its text intended for a text field. this could be an image url for an image field, a color value for a color field, etc.
  • advanced: how to enter more characters into a restricted field size

  • save a copy of the html page for the field you wish to change.
    example: http://www.sketchzilla.com/sketch2/story1title.html

  • open the html page in a text or html editor.

  • inside the <head> html tag, add a <base href=> tag that has the root directory name of the page. for the example above, the tag would read <base href=http://www.sketchzilla.com/sketch2/>.

  • customize the <input type=> tag. size= and maxlength= can be adjusted. text fields can have a maximum of 255 characters. for more characters, try changing the html to a text area.

  • save the page and open it in a browser; it will work with the server scripts right from your machine. you'll be able to add as many characters as you'd specified in your customized form.
      * the key is to basically send field input to the <form action=> .cgi address from the html input page you're selecting. make sure you get the variable names right as well.