Wanna gain weight? Stop shitting. Wanna lose weight? Catch AIDS and start smoking.

A Rob Thurber Halloween
Rob Thurber didn't know anyone at the Halloween costume party. Not knowing how this particular crowd would dress, he felt too self-conscious to wear a costume. Upon arrival, however, he felt uncomfortably out-of-place in this crowd of enthusiastically creative costumes. He was the sole person without a costume. But the evening worked out fine nonetheless, as everyone just assumed he had come as a faggot.


Eat a Dogshit Sandwich
Johnny Pitts
gots da pukes an' da shits,
An' his papa Jake
gots da fits an' da shakes,
An' his brother Freddy
is fuckin' Fat Bitch Betty,
She gots da rabies
an' a itchy case of scabies


Remember when there were assholes that thought like this asshole? I thought we were past most of that!
Since Trump has made ok for you assholes to harbor & express those feelings, I too can just call you assholes!

I am not threatened by my fellow Americans of another color!
I do not blame my situation on anyone but myself!
Trump breads hate & self pity, division!
I suppose when he cuts your food stamps, you will blame the Democrats!

The Casting Director of this show must be an unattractive female. She keeps casting fat, ugly women as the wives of reasonably normal looking guys.

Hello, I have the smellyurine. Come and sniff my smellyurine.

How is your urine today? I have the smellyurine.