Keep working, little serfs. We donít need your

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Outside the small corner produce market in Oakland this morning, there's a frail older woman with white hair in a sun hat and a dress standing on the sidewalk in front of the store's door, patiently waiting for what appears to be her husband who is inside shopping. A younger gentleman pulls up and parks his vehicle in front of the store, his windows rolled down and his car stereo going full blast with crystal clear high volume bass. The song is looping a chorus, which I will paraphrase as "your shit on my dick/ fuck you in the ass you're my bitch/ [n-word] [n-word] (gunshot sfx)". The older woman was standing there less than a yard from the open window, standing still. It was an entertaining spectacle for sure.

def rellkp(t,e) :#laptop etemp
for i in e:
if i[1] == t:
return r;
def makeinh():
return " inh:\n";
def makevar():
return " var;\n";
def makefun():
return " fun();\n";

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function class1gen()
print("function "+gen);