Moving 2 New York City!
Who gives a fuck?

...chicken shit!
I performed @Carnegie!!
Cheeseburger Deluxe!!!!
rhino`s dicks vomit...
...inside kyros`s mouth

kyRAT smolders rhino`s boulders
Boludo #3
kyrASS furiously fucks old walruses
rhino`s drink kyros`s pee
kyrhino fucks male yaks UTB
Boludo #2
Boludo #4
Boludo #1
i hate you gay kyros!!!!!

"They Say that Wathel...: Conceptions of WBH in Popular Consciousness"
By Dr. David Leinenbach


Ah needs ta git me summa dat rahno cock. If ah cud awnly smoke me wunna dim rahno cock cee-garz, din ever-thang wud be awl-raht. -Wathel

Vethil eats dogshit sandwiches

I gobble dogshit. -Vethil