Amy L = hot girly
Anna = Lab Hippo
Lazarillo Alliais=83898
Wathel Posse Express
mannicannis dammitannix
Josette=Office Tigress
Hegel's Object. Spirit

Is there greater beauty in this world than the screeches and recoiling of the reluctant cannibal?
The steel wool of her shiny metal loins
Before you disappear, make sure "Dissociative Fugue State" is deleted from your browser history.
And what savoury milk chocolate sins shall we taste today, my mauresque noire seductress?
The curve of the witch's spine bit like wire into cheese.
Place the barrel of the revolver against your temple. Feel it's reassuring weight.
Slice the poisonous tongues spraying calumny! Slice the tongues of the Wathel Posse!
Wathel and the 8th Grade Incident, April 1980
Geldig voor een reis, geldig voor een mijmering. Buitenlandse Custom Ray Peeples.
Shine, woman, shine! I wish to see your reflection in the toes of my boots! -Anderk Koulut-Eotuss

Young maiden, approach this draped haven,
and join us in the realm of the flesh, the realm of the senses.

It is only by swallowing the raven shadows and allowing darkness to enter that you can begin tasting the succulence of the light.

So come, smudge your knees and palms
and crawl toward this draped and canopied haven.

Join us in the realm of the flesh,
the realm of the senses.

-Lazarillo Alliais

The Grand Wisdom of Lazarillo Alliais