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“她把一隻腳抬到水槽上,把門把手放在嘴裡,用呼吸加溫和潤濕,把她陰部的嘴唇分開,然後按壓在那裡,先是溫柔的,然後是少一些,開始旋轉旋鈕。 感覺到第一波好東西通過她,她的雙腿被削弱了......然後,她用舌頭再次潤濕旋鈕,再次在她的嘴唇之間找到了自己的位置,將小圓圈壓在她的陰蒂上,然後在那裡輕敲它 ,喜歡溫暖的金屬開始貼在她的皮膚上,每次拉一點。“
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“Gunter glieben glauten globen.”

"Elle leva un pied sur l'évier et porta la poignée de porte à sa bouche, la réchauffant et la mouillant avec sa respiration." Elle écarta les lèvres de sa chatte et la pressa, douce d'abord, puis moins, commençant à tourner le bouton. sentit la première vague de quelque chose de bien la traverser, et ses jambes s'affaiblirent ... Puis elle remouilla le bouton avec sa langue et retrouva sa place entre ses lèvres, pressant de minuscules cercles contre son clitoris, puis le tapant juste là , aimant comment le métal chaud a commencé à coller à sa peau, à la tirer un peu chaque fois. "

وقالت انها قطعت شفتين من بوسها والضغط هناك، لطيف في البداية، ثم أقل من ذلك، وبدأت تدور مقبض الباب، وقالت انها شعرت الموجة الأولى من شيء جيد تذهب من خلالها، وساقها ضعفت ... ثم إعادة الرطب مقبض الباب مع لسانها وجدت مكانها بين شفتيها مرة أخرى، والضغط على دوائر صغيرة ضد البظر لها، ثم مجرد استغلال هناك ، تروق كيف بدأ المعدن الدافئ التمسك بشرتها، لسحب في ذلك قليلا في كل مرة. "

«Она подняла одну ногу на раковину и держала ручку дверцы в рот, согревая и смачивая ее своим дыханием. Она рассталась с губами ее киски и прижалась к ней, нежная сначала, а тем более, начала вращать ручку. почувствовал, как первая волна чего-то хорошего прошла через нее, и ее ноги ослабели ... Затем она снова намотала ручку языком и снова нашла свое место между ее губ, нажимая крошечные круги на ее клитор, а затем просто постукивала по ней , любя, как теплый металл начал прилипать к ее коже, каждый раз тянуть за ней ».

‘Sweet Jesus’, he muttered. He went to stand, not knowing where he was going to drag her off to but just knowing that he had to have her – now.

Jessica placed her other hand on his shoulder and kept him seated for just a moment longer. He didn’t realize it but the best surprise was yet to come. She leaned down close to his ear again just when his still chilled fingers found her bare exposed and juicy wet pussy.

She sucked in her breath as his fingers delved in and began to play. His penis thumped against her leg in appreciation to the little mummers and gasps that were coming from Jessica’s mouth.

“Oh God babe, I have to have you now. Where…." Jessica placed her finger against his lips.

“I know. I’m going to die unless I can taste your cock soon.’ She pulled his fingers away from her pussy and held them up close to her face. His fingers were wet and glistening from her juices.

She leaned down and, using just the tip of her tongue, ran her tongue up his middle finger catching all her own juices. When her tongue got to the top, it circled his finger tip then she sucked the whole length of his finger into her mouth, maintaining eye contact with Dave the entire time.

Without warning, she turned and walked towards the back of the bar. She turned and glanced back at Dave with ‘come fuck me eyes’. Not waiting, he got up and followed his walking dream into the night.

Hypnotized by the sway of her hips, Dave followed Jessica, obvious erection and all, into the back of the bar. In the back of his mind he was vaguely curious about where they were going but mostly his thoughts were consumed with getting that damn coat off of her.

He’d vaguely noticed when he had walked in that there was a packed dance floor in the rear of the bar. It was darker, hotter back here. The increase in humidity and temperature, combined with the tension racing through his body caused a trickle of sweat to run down his back. The music was slow with deep earthy beats, perfect for what he had in mind.

Jessica finally stopped at the edge of the group, her hips starting to gyrate to the rhythm of the music. Grabbing his hands, she pulled him around until his back was almost touching the wall.

She slid her body tightly up to his, both moving to the music now. She slid one hand up his chest, up and around his neck. Using that hand she pulled herself up closer to his ear and practically purred, ‘I want you to fuck me here, on the dance floor’.