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Keely Coles or better known as Kacey Kox is a famous porn actress and nude model that was born on June 2, 1982 in Orlando, Florida, USA. When she was a little girl she was bad child and made a lot of ugly things.

She never liked school and tried all the time to make something else but her parents put her all the time to study. When she grew up Kacey became independent and her parents never knew that she doesn't go to school. She started her sexual life at a very young age and at the age of 17 years she had a boyfriend and she decided that school is not for her and renounced at her high school.

Her boyfriend from that time proposed her to play in a porn movie together to gain some money and she accepted. In
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She enjoyed a lot everything and decided to continue what she started because was very interesting in her opinion. Her boyfriend renounced at that after the first movie but she continued and shouted many other famous porn movies. She gained the attention and the trust of many important people from the porn industry and she received the most important role from the movies.

She became the best porn actresses from the studio and many movie producers wanted her to play in their productions but she accepted only the important ones. In her films, she often engages in "extreme" sexual acts like anal sex, analingus, double penetration and cum swallowing. She also participates in scenes involving multiple African American males, known in the porn industry as an interracial gangbang.

After all those things she gained a lot of money and she was very happy because she made what her lover said to her because now is


Flambé They Said.

Ill never go in the tunnel to noware again. I went there in the summer. The tunnel was supposed to be a 1/4 mile long but it seemed so much longer. the graffiti really creeped me out. when I got to the end of the tunnel there was a tree laying over the path. it was getting so much colder than i was expecting. even though i could get around the tree no prob i decided to turn around and go back to my car. as i was walking through the tunnel at the part that was so much darker i heard three loud bangs. it was like thunder, but i thought there must be a highway or something overhead but i found out later there wasnt anything like that. As I got to the end I saw the same tree and i thought i must have gotten confused and turned around in the tunnel. I turned around again and walked through the tunnel again and i got to the end a third time and there was the tree again! I was really freaking out. I decided to hike down up the trail some more even though it was way later than I thought it would be and much colder. I thought I would be able to get back to my car by hiking around the tunnel. I thought there was a path that went around the tunnel like that. I hiked until it got dark and then I was really scared. I kept walking all night i was too afraid to stop anyware. I really had no idea where i was anymore but when the sun started coming up I found the end of the tunnel again. I was very frustrated but I went through the tunnel and finally came out at the beginning and found my car and drove home. The whole time in the woods was the creepiest time I ever felt and it just hasnt been the same since then (health problems with my kidneys). Your video brought back those bad memories. I remember some of the graffiti I saw and the tree that was fallen at the end of the tunnel is still there but its been cut back. I wouldnt go back again, you were very brave to go back. I could tell Dawn didnt want to go there again, you should have listened to her.

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