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I need someone to lick out the particles of dried up shit that get stuck in the cracks of my asshole.


Sketchzilla takes meme propagation one step further by creating a site where users can upload text and visual graffiti to practically every corner of the website. The results are fantastic collages where images of Turkish tile work sit alongside WoodyWoodPecker. It isn't all chaos though, visitors to the site seem to try and develop themes on each page. For instance, one page might have just pictures of skies and nature, and another might be all images of war atrocities. Sketchzilla mixes it up by offering a number of different styles of templates to post to, including: a noise page for virtual beeps and eeps; a slideshow for a presentation effect; and a more editorial style layout where users post article excerpts, blogs, polls, you name it. Sketchzilla is fun and dynamic, make sure to reload it frequently, its changing all the time.

That fart truly smells like shit. I'm packin' a "close load". Custom Ray is queer and Wathel drinks beer. Woh Gwaahhd, Oy think Oy'm hyaving a hwaht attyack!!! Yup, call δ now please! The way you park suggests you're either retarded or a huge fucking asshole. Don't reproduce. eat porn for breakfast.

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It was pretty cool to watch Sean's changing facial expressions as he died. The tree branch went right through him. "We're nuttier than a pack of wild Jews!" were his last words. Yea, the LORD sayeth: "Hey look, that's Carrie Cumdumpster." What kind of a fucking asshole erases a CENOTAPH'S AND NOSECONE fridge scroll? I like to paint my toenails purple. Don't blame us for your being a failure in life. Blame yourself or God.

Agnes easily dragged him on to her thighs which was probably due to having one hand on his cock, the other in his ass. Marcus wasn't in the position to argue. He felt humiliated sitting on Agnes' lap while she held his wrists behind him with one hand while the other stroked his upright cock. He felt like a submissive fuck toy.

"I thought you said if I took off my clothes you would give me head?" He felt ashamed as he asked this, he sounded like a fat kid begging for chocolate. It didn't help that he was wiggling his hips like a cheap slut as she stroked his cock.

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"You really are quite excited, aren't you?" she whispered as she touched his cock head with the tip of her tongue and ran it up and down the slit. "It would be so easy to make you come. Not that I had any problems in that department anyway."

She lifted up the shaft and ran her long, pink tongue up and down the length of it. Her tongue extended and wrapped round his balls. It would slither from one to the other like a long, pink snake, gently massaging them. Marcus meanwhile was gasping and grunting like a bitch in heat. Agnes' other hand snaked around him and grabbed one of his buttocks. She kneaded it roughly making him grunt. Then she wiggled her fingers into his crack and took him completely by surprise by inserting one of her long fingers into his anus. He yelped and tried to escape the contact but Agnes held him firm with surprising strength.

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