Just a friendly reminder: As Wathel Posse members, we aggressively eat dogshit sandwiches.

follows a similar pattern with a different outcome

Она подняла одну ногу на раковину и держала ручку дверцы в рот, согревая и смачивая ее своим дыханием. Она рассталась с губами ее киски и прижалась к ней, нежная сначала, а тем более, начала вращать ручку. почувствовал, как первая волна чего-то хорошего     I agree with Libertarians in some respects, but largely disagree with them on social issues and on the notion that some groups should be upwardly mobile.     "People choose to be gay."   "A mulatto is the same thing as a half-breed."   "Hey look, that's Claude Riggin of America 1st fame.        



  Her musk would send me climbing through miles of mud flavored like shit   I did;   tits &   That fart truly smells like shit. I'm packin' a "close load".   Custom Ray is queer and Wathel drinks beer.   Woh Gwaahhd, Oy think Oy'm hyaving a hwaht attyack!!!   Yup, call   δ   now please!   The way you park suggests you're either retarded or a huge fucking asshole. Don't reproduce.   eat porn for breakfast.  

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It was pretty cool to watch Sean's changing facial expressions as he died. The tree branch went right through him.   "We're nuttier than a pack of wild Jews!"   were his last words.   Yea, the LORD   sayeth:   "Hey look, that's Carrie Cumdumpster."   What kind of a fucking asshole erases a CENOTAPH'S AND NOSECONE fridge scroll?   I like to paint   my toenails purple.   Don't blame us for your being a failure in life.   Blame yourself or God.   Bree