Written by: Bono and Larry Mullen Jr.

Once upon a time a drunk guy caught on fire and became a parade . This was in a car parked in a closed garage with the engine running and one day, many years later, they found my corpse was in nearly perfect condition despite the fact when nice things stopped happening permanently . Nobody is your friend and my pants fell to the ground. Pants on the ground. and suddenly everyone realized that God is truly dead and Ebola was in the water at the drinking fountain .

I am the secret king of France raping everyone who has ever died and who wants a big slice of pie!? Delicious cancer! . Abraham Lincoln once said "A whore divided from her legs cannot stand!" . Spank me daily and then comes the double-fisting fairy! . I fart like: *INSERT WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT* . shaka khan! Shaka Khan! Come on rock me! .

My favorite kinds of microphone are lapel and boom . I have-a some salt-a and shaka from Jamacia and I love Reverand Jim and laka . And so let me just set myself on fire here. There! While I stand in line texting. .

The end.