Secrets of the Universe

Q: Pazuzu says in regard to Wathel Herness that he will either A) Physically hobble Wathel, or B) Exterminate him. Is it true? Would Pazuzu really exterminate Wathel?
A: Thank you for asking. We've reached out to Pazuzu on this, and the answer is yes: Pazuzu is quite receptive to the possibility of exterminating Wathel.

Q: do teh get commission from it as well as tamara
A: No, only Tamara works on commission

Q: in teh discusson sporty cadence as if lindsay talks
A: pray tell.

A: I like to paint my toenails purple.

Q: did they promise australia percent from citizens id hence the swarm at 420pm
A: Yes such promise was promised but nonbinding satisfaction demanded otherwise

Q: I fell asleep with my cockring on and now my scrotum is turning purple. Can you help?
A: Clearly you suffer from Nutshrinkitis. You should probably just cut them off to be sure.

Q: Will I ever suck cock as good as Coldridge who is studying law with me?
A: As good as he is, still he is not a cafeteria where Coleridge wrote three thousand and two paragraphs with his brother, whom is a man.

A: SUPER! Thanks for asking!

Q: new zealand much from id is basis invade from citizen swarm transit plus street camera bkps
A: Don't think so. That's policy here at Wankers Inc.

Q: Anyone mind if I jerk off my dog?
A: No more South Park for you, young man!